Almost everyone wants to preserve the planet, as long as they don’t have to make sacrifices. One way to reduce your impact is by driving an electric car. The problem is that electric cars are flat out ugly and come with the sacrifice of convenience, roominess and features. To launch the Honda Clarity Electric and set our vehicle apart from the others, we created a campaign that showed people that our car makes keeping the future bright is as easy as A-B-C. Our campaign was made of 26 bite-sized animations, one for each latter of the alphabet. Some videos showed how the Clarity Electric won’t force you to make the same sacrifices other electric cars do, others shared easy tips to help save the planet, while some just playfully spoke to the larger benefits of preserving nature. These pieces culminated of all in the creation of one-long form music video, set to a catch original track. This unique approach helped us successfully launch a unique electric vehicle.


Each piece was contained within its own social post and because no two insights were the same, every letter of the alphabet was brought to life in a variety of quirky animation styles. We staggered the release of our content in a variety of ad units including videos, carousels and an immersive Facebook canvas.